Wevorce, Lawyers Inspiring Positive Change

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Divorces & Horses, Empowering Practices

Every once in a while I come across someone, and something, so innovative, creative, and inspired that I feel truly a sense of awe. Recently I learned about Michelle Crosby, and her company Wevorce. I haven’t met Michelle personally, but am connected to her through another visionary attorney and author, Kim Wright. (Lawyers as Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic Problem Solving Law, Lawyers as Changemakers)

Michelle founded Wevorce in response to what many see as a broken family law system. By all appearances, Michelle through Wevorce, has found a way to harness technology to create a ‘high tech high touch’ approach to divorce. For a reasonable price, Wevorce helps people identify their legal, financial, AND emotional needs in order to divorce without the usual trauma. She has also found a way to unite attorneys for the purpose improving their clients’ lives during the divorce process.

In my experience it is possible to re-negotiate your relationship to conflict, change, endings, and even divorce. In this renegotiation is the opportunity to identify barriers to a thriving sense of happiness, and to allow these major life events to transform us from the inside at the same time our lives are changing on the outside.

In this way an experience, such as divorce, can become the catalyst for the kind of self awareness that leads to living an empowered and joy filled life. The work I do with horses is in a similar vein, and is particularly beneficial for people in the face of big change or conflict. Empowerment through conflict can be a powerful choice.


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