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Whether you are interested in personal growth, innovative approaches to leadership, better relationships with horses, or the ability to move through conflict empowered with tools and insights to support your long term best interests, Red Horse EQ is here to help.

Personal Growth & Self Awareness Exercises

Personal Growth

Our personal growth programs introduce a foundation of awareness skills, focusing on developing skills in areas such as mindfulness, presence, body language, setting and maintaining boundaries, effective listening, connecting mind body and heart, and somatic and intuitive intelligences. The knowledge gained in our personal growth and leadership programs is applicable in all areas of life, career, and relationships. Red Horse EQ gives people tools, skills, self awareness and knowledge to be more effective, fulfilled, and present.

Focus Areas, Leadership


We consider leadership to be an advanced form of personal development. Our leadership programs focus on building awareness of self, others, and the environment utilizing the skills and tools from our personal development programs. Building on this high level of awareness, we introduce the Five Roles of the Master Herder based on the work of Linda Kohanov and Eponaquest, and clients gain the ability through interactions with horses, to embody each one of the roles, as well as the insight and knowledge to choose when and how to utilize each of the roles to lead and inspire others.

Empowering Practices

Empowering Practices

Supporting lawyers and their clients by teaching self-awareness based approaches to negotiations and conflict resolution. The familiar realm of logical analysis and intellect will join forces with a twin form of intelligence; one that is based in the ability to understand and influence emotions, somatic awareness, and other non-verbal communication. With this powerful collaboration between intellect and intuition, lawyers will explore innovative, non-predatory and highly effective tools for dealing with and leading others through conflict situations.

Personal Growth & Self-Awareness Exercises

Relationship Based Horse Handling

This Eponaquest based approach to being with horses will teach you how to communicate more effectively and naturally with horses. You will also become more comfortable, confident, safe and engaging with horses while riding, on the ground, or at any time. This work is for beginners, advanced riders and life long horse lovers. These principles lay the foundation for safe, collaborative, mutually beneficial and inspired interactions with horses.

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