Freedom, Choice & Horses

by | Jun 18, 2016 | Horses & Humans, Why Horses?

Freedom, Choice & Horses Blog Post

Freedom, Choice & Horses

Horses respond to intention in the same way life responds to intention. I am talking about the kind of deep intention that begins in the heart and expands outwardly into a totally congruent presence, and finally into action. To create the relationship we want with our horses, and a conscious experience of life, it is imperative that we develop awareness of our innermost beliefs about ourselves and the world and even a situation – so that we can understand we have a choice about what we perceive and how much attention we give it. As soon as we realize the meaning of true freedom of choice, we will understand just how creatively we move through life.

In this way, we can go about the work and play of being in our full potential. We can experience this with horses rather quickly. They have an ability to step in for “life” by responding with sensitivity, non-judgment, and grace to the powerful inner workings of their less aware human friends. They let us know what works, what is unconscious and effecting our lives. They take that which to us seems unknown and invisible, and reflect it back as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. They give it form, and show us how it functions. Truly quite amazing these horses, in the way the help us play and experiment with consciousness itself.


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