This friendly adobe ranch style B&B is home to owner and chef, Nadine Danton, her cats, dogs and plenty of wildlife. With lovely accommodations, a pristine swimming pool and Nadine’s hospitality, we highly recommend it! Reveling Ravens Retreat is not affiliated with Red Horse EQ, but it is located onsite, so if you are able to get a room there, you would be able to stay on the property during the entirety of your workshop. If you are attending one of our events, and are interested in other accommodations, you can check your “Welcome Packet” for a list of more accommodations in the area.

Contact Reveling Ravens Retreat B&B

(520) 360-8712

Please let Nadine know if you will be participating in any Red Horse EQ workshops or if you might be interested in an extended stay. Discounts may be available.

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