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At Red Horse EQ, we are dedicated to the body, heart, and spirit of the horse, and to exploring the many ways in which horses and humans connect for the benefit of both.


Lucinda Vette is a lifelong horsewoman, accomplished rider, trainer and private instructor, as well as an experienced attorney, licensed to practice in Arizona, Wisconsin and New York. She practiced social justice law for ten years in a non-profit civil law firm before deciding to pursue a full time career in equine facilitated learning (EFL). She is an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor with Power of the Herd designation, and worked as the Resident Trainer for Linda Kohanov at Eponaquest for three years. In addition, she is an Advanced Instructor of the Medicine Horse Way approach developed by Carol Roush. In October of 2015 Lucinda opened the Red Horse EQ facility, located in Amado, AZ.

Lucinda’s horse career began at the age 5. By 18 she had earned a B-level rating from the United States Pony Club and a few years later became a contender for the North American Young Riders Championship Team in 3-Day Eventing – a pre-Olympic training and competition program for riders under the age of 21. She trained extensively in dressage and eventing with Polish 3-Day Olympic Team Member Czepan Cziplicki, United States Equestrian Team members and Olympians Ralph Hill, Tad Coffin, Bruce Davidson, and Denny Emmerson. Lucinda was also a working student for Olympic dressage champion, Carol Lavell.

After her horse “Drumlee” was diagnosed with a fatal illness, Lucinda stopped eventing and competing, and left the world of horses for a short time. During this hiatus from her first love, Lucinda focused on becoming a lawyer, and seeing the world. After living and working abroad, and then practicing law in the United States for several years, Lucinda crossed paths with a very talented and extraordinary beautiful red bay dressage horse. With dreams of high level competition once again in her mind, Lucinda and Juilliard became a team. Little did she know at the time, that this talented mare had different ideas for both of them. These ideas would lead to Lucinda eventually moving their lives from Wisconsin to Arizona to become an Eponaquest Facilitator, and eventually to the formation of Red Horse EQ.

The Herd

There is an Arapaho legend about Dreamweaver. He relates that the message of the Red Horse is to remind us to find a balance between work and play, and to bring a sense of joy into every interaction we have with life. Juilliard, Cimarron, Promise, and Peyton remind me of this every day.

Support Staff

Nadine Danton (owner of Reveling Ravens Retreat), Adam, Athena, Peeper, Ms. Kitty, Willy & Tom (and all Nadine’s animals) provide key support and energy to our staff here at Red Horse EQ. Without their help our jobs would be much tougher. Thanks everyone!

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