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We partner with horses to unbridle human potential. 

Our Services

Our Services

Workshops, retreats, private sessions, custom programs, team building programs and leadership training with horses. Designed for breakthroughs in personal growth, expanding personal and career potential, and developing useful forms of self-awareness.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Our “tools for life” are useful to anyone drawn to this work, and they are taught in the introductory courses to clients of varying ages, professions and backgrounds. We also have programs specifically designed for transforming conflict, turning divorce into an opportunity for growth, for leadership development and lawyers. Also for new Eponaquest instructors, and people more focused on horses, we provide workshops for improving “at-liberty” skills and horse-human relationships.

Why horses?

Why Horses

Horses are gifted guides in helping us to become present, self-aware and more intuitive. Their nature makes them perfectly suited for surprising us in ways that lead to growth, clarity, epiphany and healing.

Red Horse EQ Blog

Our Blog, "Unbridled"

Horses have much to teach us about being human. Learn more at our blog Unbridled, which explores the potential of horse-human relationship.

Upcoming Events

We are scheduling meet-ups, workshops, retreats, private and other types of events throughout the year. To find an upcoming event that suits you, click the button below to browse our calendar.

“Lucinda has the rare quality of being fluent in both horse and human. Her extensive experience with high level equestrian sports brings a wealth of traditional knowledge, which combines beautifully with her expanded “Eponaquest” understanding of equine/human relations. As a life long equestrian interested in more fully communicating and collaborating with my equine partners and learning from the exchange, working with Lucinda was a welcomed, merging of the two worlds. It has truly been a pleasure… I would highly recommend the experience.”

Kimber S.

Filmmaker, Drawde Productions

“Amazing and transformative experience. Lucinda is a fantastic facilitator and the horses she involves in her experience are beautiful and majestic.”

Scott L.

Author, Creative Director, Founder - Prcevr Agency

“I absolutely loved this workshop with Lucinda who is a talented, insightful and supportive instructor! Also Reveling Ravens was so tasteful, peaceful and welcoming. I loved that I could stay on the property with the horses and other participants, without needing to leave the powerful ‘container’ of what we were experiencing. It was the best birthday gift I could offer myself, and I came away very inspired to use the tools gained from the experience in my business. This has led to a significant yet subtle shift, so thank you! Highly recommended …”

Yvonne D.

CEO, Consulting Firm

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